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Tech. School Pictures

Tech. School Pictures at Keesler AFB, Mississippi

"Whadya call cheese that's not yours? NACHO CHEESE!"
- A1C Bradley M. Hill

SSgt Glover's Class - Block 5 Comm-Ops

A1C Bradley Hill and AB Cherice Mbaye, strike a pose!!!
Brad trying to be like Jenn Bush
Brad, AB Jennifer Bush, and Mbaye talking
AB Christina Yonan...she looks a little confused
SrA Juan Valdez doing his "Don Juan" look...
SSgt Glover (instructor) pointing at me and A1C Travis May points at Glover
Sgt Glover and Juan doing the "Glover point"
A1C Stafford (ME, of course) and AB Krystal Adams...Charlie's Angels
SrA Jerry Gerler giving A1C Melissa Poff a wet willie
Travis trying to be like Glover
Poff, AB Bambi Hamaker, and Bushy Bush talking and laughing
Me and AB Holly Parsons sitting like Sgt Glover (as you see, he's the class role model)
AB Libby Lafferty and Juan Valdez, he's trying to show off
Juan Valdez, TSgt Clark, and AB Bush (I think Juan is trying to catch a nap)
Travis...looking serious
Poff and Sgt Glover...pointing again...
Yonan, Brad, Travis, and Me, don't ask what we're talking about b/c I don't know
Juan Valdez, Lafferty, Me (not looking too thrilled), Sgt Clark, and Bush
Juan Valdez as the "Rhinestone Cowboy" *LOL*
You're probably asking why are we doing the "Rhinestone Cowboy"...
well, someone thought it was funny enough for the whole class to watch this!!!
Me and Sgt Glover...pointing...of course (what Glover does best)
Bradley Hill...hard at work!!!
Yonan and Jerry pose while Travis eats his nachos (That's "NACHO CHEESE", Hill!!!)
Hill LOVES Comm-Ops!!!
Jerry and Cherice are posing, and Poff is probably talking with her lisp
The "Glover point"...again, but at the podium
...and again...
Holly Parsons...just standing there
I think Travis hurt Jenn's feelings...she wants to beat him up
Jenn...looking at me like I'm crazy or something...
It's "Jer Bear"
Poff and Hamaker...all smiles
Poff and Glover doing the point again
Travis and Brad...acting like a couple of kids

There have been some funny moments in class that I remember from each person...
  • SrA Jerry Gerler "Jer Bear": Notorious for stinking up his area in the classroom.
  • A1C Bradley Hill "Hilly Bean": can I forget this guy!!! He made me laugh every
    single day. All he had to do was say, "Forward, harch" and sing crazy songs like, "The
    Itchy and Scratchy Show". Then he would talk like certain ppl from TV or our
    MTL's, especially Sgt Anderson. He stunk up his area too...
  • AB Cherise Mbaye "Ragland" (before she married): Sgt Clark had to keep her awake in class.
  • A1C Melissa Poff "Puff": This girl was a trip. She would fake a lisp (now I do it too) and
    say crazy stuff and talk about "dumpsters" (her nephew calls hampsters "dumpsters")...or
    so she calls any kind of rodent.
  • AB Bambi Hamaker "Marinack" (before marriage): When Sgt Glover would call her "Hay maker".
  • AB Jennifer Bush "Bushy Bush": She wasn't always with the program. Loved it when she did
    her "scary look".
  • AB Krystal Adams "Airman Adams": Sgt Glover would say, "AIRMAN ADAMS, LIGHTS...please!!!"
  • AB Libby Lafferty "Lafferty": Too damn boy crazy!!! She had an interesting tat on her arm...:)
  • SrA Juan Valdez "Don Juan": He's the "Rhinestone Cowboy"...*LOL*
  • TSgt Roger Clark "Sgt Clark": He was always waking up poor Ragland-Mbaye.
  • AB Holly Parsons "Parsons": Had "Truly, Madly, Deeply" boy after her!!! Sgt Glover picked
    on that kid so bad...
  • AB Christina Yonan "Yonan the Barbarian": Hyper and hungry!!!
  • A1C Travis May "May": Almost as crazy as Bradley...Sgt Glover said he has a bunch of wives
    and 2 kids...hehehe
  • SSgt Glover "G Lover": hehehe...he was too funny...had to know him to appreciate it. The NCO's called him "G Lover".
  • A1C Jennifer Stafford...ME!!!: I was nominated "most likely to become a TI in the next 4 years"
    by the class b/c I like to act mean...